keyboard lights

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    W11 pro 64 beta channel

    keyboard lights

    I nearly complained to the ebay seller who sold me my illuminated keyboard as the three leds for caps /num lock etc did not work. Then I noticed a brief mention somewhere on this forum about kb lights not working. I switched to W7 and the kb lights are ok (the backlighting always worked) so there is a kb driver fault in the latest build.
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    I also have same problem will try on Win 7
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    Windows 8.1, Win10Pro

    so there is a kb driver fault in the latest build.
    Sorry I didn't respond earlier -- but I just noticed that they keyboard lights on my Logitech Illuminated keyboard do not work with the latest Win10TP build. I know they worked in previous builds, and they work fine in Windows 7 and Win 8.1.

    I went to the Logitech site, downloaded and installed the latest SetPoint, rebooted -- and no change. Keyboard lights still don't work in the latest Win10TP build!
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    It's been reported and mentioned before in the forum. The next build should address this issue.
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    Windows 8.1, Win10Pro

    BunnyJ said:
    It's been reported and mentioned before in the forum. The next build should address this issue.
    It was mentioned in the MS Insider forums -- and the response there was to (1) check the keyboard on another machine (to confirm it works), and (2) to update the keyboard drivers to the latest.

    I know it works on this machine with the other OSs I'm using, and I have the latest driver installed both in Win10TP and in Win8.1.

    I'm presuming that, at some point, Logitech is going to step up to this and release a new driver version that will work with Win10 -- but that's probably not going to be until after RTM.

    So, here's hoping you are right and that this gets "fixed" in the Consumer Preview.
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    Don't blame Logitech. I have two different models of keyboard, plus a couple of dell laptops. The lights are not working on any of them. I think we must point the fingers at the OS.
    I appreciate that one reason the hardware people get early builds, is to correct incompatibility, but to slam the whole lot looks to me like a programming fault inthe build(s)
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Latest RP

    I don't think you can blame either Microsoft or Logitech for this type of "Fault"

    Keyboard illumination is a bells & whistles feature, not a core function of the keyboard, (not suggesting it's not a useful Feature), and so Microsoft's core driver should not need to support it, (partly because a different manufacturer would be free to implement this feature in a different way).

    From a Logitech point of view it's too soon in the preview time-line to be sure that the Keyboard functionality in the OS is fixed, and so it makes technical and commercial sense to wait a while, probably at a time when RTM is announced but before the shrinkwraps reach the stores :)
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    I have literary dozen of KBs and on none of them signal lights for Capslock or Numlock light up.
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    Windows 10 Home x64

    FWIW, I'm using a Corsair K40 keyboard and the lights work just fine. Even without the software installed the keyboard lights up and with it it works just like it's supposed to. The only "issue" is the NumLock indicator is off but that's really not a big deal since it's on when I boot up.


    Keyboard in question:
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    Windows 8.1, Win10Pro

    We're not talking about the keyboard backlights -- the ones that illuminate the keys. I have an Illuminated keyboard and those work just fine. We're talking about the notification lights -- the ones that turn on when Num Lock and Caps Lock are pressed. Those do NOT work in Win10TP current build.

    As to whether or not they are a "core function" -- in my view, they ARE such functions -- just as when I select "Drive" in my automatic transmission in my car, a little light goes on in the dashboard to indicate that has been selected.

    In my view, "bells and whistles" in keyboards are things like programming special keys, key combinations, or macros.
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