OK, this is very annoying and I cannot figure out why. I've been upgraded to Windows 10 for several weeks without a single issue, Edge is little quirky but, that's another story. As of yesterday I've been getting a daily pop up window from HP Smart Adapter that reads.

"HP offers a wide range of Smart AC Adapter for your convenience, replacement, and all travel needs. Find these accessories and more at select retailers. Your computer is designed to vary performance as needed when a smaller capacity Smart AC Adapter is connected. However your computer exceeds the power rating for the Smart Adapter connected. Please connect a higher capacity Smart AC Adapter. Thank you for choosing an HP Product"

I've used the same power adapter that came with my HP-Envy Laptop since I purchased it a couple of years ago. I have not noticed any performance issues since this bogus message began popping up, so far I've seen it 3 times. Was there an update that could have ran that caused this.