My pc was working great. I then went on one morning and under the boot logo it said "diagnosing", then switched to automatic repair mode i thought it was just a little issue windows would solve itself. I tried restarting my computer many times to see if that would fix the problem but it wouldn't work. I then looked up online tutorials on how to fix it. I then relizied that none of the buttons in advanced option as well as the reset my pc button didn't work at all expect for command prompt.I followed this online tutorial to fix my problem but when I restarted my pc I could no longer see anything. What I mean is that the windows boot logo no longer came up it was just a black screen after the bios menus passed by. The screen reloads to the bios menus an the process continues. People have told me to use the windows disk but don't have a disk drive. What do i do? Please Help A.S.A.P:)