Webcam drivers for HP Pavilion X2-10

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    Webcam drivers for HP Pavilion X2-10

    The Webcam on this laptop has been working fine for some time, but just recently it stopped working and I believe this occurred after one of the automatic upgrades. Following considerable investigation I find that I have 2 drivers under Imaging devices, they are as follows.

    A Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400
    B Intel(R) AVStream Camera

    When it stopped working B was the driver showing under Imaging devices.

    I also discovered that when I "updated" the driver and selected A the webcam worked and I thought problem solved but when I close down and then restart the webcam no longer works. The device listed in Device manager is still A. If I "update " still driver A the webcam works again.

    Driver B is still present but only when I get to "Select the device driver to install". I do not select it.

    How can I get out of this loop? Will deleting driver B help and if so how do I do this?

    Any help appreciated.

    I should say the HP is Win 10 Home
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    Install latest driver from manufacturer's site. It doesn't need to be for Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7 work as well. Install it. Then disable any related driver updates so Windows Update won't replace it again.
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    Hi spapakons

    Many thanks for your response.

    When the Webcam stopped working I did update the driver from the HP web site but if anything that did not help, the cam was still not working and I now got the message that I should close down the operation that was currently using it and this was immediately after a restart. On device manager only driver B was showing, the most up to date one.

    After some trial and error investigate I then found that both of the above drivers were available therefore I selected A, an older driver and it worked. I thought my problem was over but when ever I restarted the cam would not work but I did not get the message about another device using it. Progress??

    However your links were very useful to me. I set the B driver to appear in device manager and disabled it. I then updated the driver back to A the older one and when I restarted it worked but not only that I have restarted a couple of times and the cam works.

    I hope my optimism is not misplaced !!!!!

    Many thanks for your help.

    PS My optimism is misplaced, if I do a restart no problem, if I close down then start up the problem remains.
    i.e I have to update driver A again and even after I have deleted driver B.
    Back to square one.
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    In case both drivers refer to the same device and conflict, I would remove both from Device Manager, restart the computer and let Windows Update find a driver. If the driver then doesn't work, I would try to manually replace it (from Device Manager) with the driver from HP.
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    Hi spakakons

    Thanks again for response.

    When my last efforts did not work I then deleted both drivers and and tried installing driver B (the most up to date) driver from HP and that gave me no working webcam. I checked with my daughter who has exactly the same HP model and asked her if her camera works, answer no. She then checked which driver she had and it was A, (driver release date 26/6/2014) checking if there was another driver present the answer was no.

    She then updated to the manually downloaded B (driver release date 04/07/2015) tried the webcam again, not working. After reinstalling A it would still not work, she upgraded A via he search for an upgrade from any all ready on the computer i.e. at this time A and the webcam worked after Restart as my one does but Shut Down and then restart and it does not work.

    HP tell me that A - HP(R) AVStream Camera is the most up to date driver.

    I am at a loss, fortunately I do not make much use the camera and on the odd time I do use Skype and remember to update to A the old driver everything works. Incidently if I leave the PC on Sleep it works when I awake it.

    I should say apart from the problem the 2 in 1 is a very light and easily carried machine that I like very much.

    Amazing Technology
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    Partly solved

    I say partly solved as the camera does work BUT only when I switch the computer on and then once it has started I RESTART and the camera works. This happens every time.

    The driver that works is the INTEL(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400 with a date of 01/08/2014.

    What is the difference when starting computer normally and then when doing a RESTART?

    I have had several long conversations with HP and I no longer want to waste my time talking to them again as their last comment was they will support the computer as long as it has the original OS Win 8.1 on it. Not bad considering the Computer is still under guarantee.

    If anybody can resolve this I will be eternally gratefull.
    Many thanks.
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    The problem I had with the Camera has been solved. I stumbled across a Tutorial by Brink dealing with Fast Startup. I can't say I understand why but I followed the instructions and switched off Fast Startup under Power Options and the camera started from initial switch on.

    My frustration of dealing with this is now in the past and I am very, very happy. .

    Many thanks to Brink
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