If anyone has not had a chance to look at the prices for hardware like hard drives on Newegg yet. They have refurb 500 GB 3.5" for $30. I did find for a desktop that I use for testing software, a 1 TB for $90, which is a Seagate Constellation drive. For it being an Enterprise drive and that they normally run almost $200, I could not beat the deal. Plus I got a $100 off for $160 in wine purchase with it, which I passed on to a friend.

The other deal I found was for a Tripp-Lite Smart1500 VA 900 W for $150, with a year of free Amazon Cloud Unlimited. Now is the time to start grabbing the deals, instead of waiting until later this month.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the desktop, with it only using 10 GB for the Linux install, and have plenty of room for tooling around with.