Random Stuttering / DPC Latency Nightmare

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    Windows 10

    I was experiencing the same sort of sound problems with my MSI GE40 laptop. Similar results on LatencyMon for ndis.sys. Like others it only started after I upgraded to Windows 10. Seeing that there were no windows 10 drivers for my Realtek RTL8723AE I decided (after reading this thread) to buy a supported card and switch it out.

    I installed the Intel 7260 (Dual band AC) earlier today ... and so far, no problems.

    This has been going on for months and I'm kicking myself for not realising/trying this sooner!
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    Win10 , RHEL, Debian7

    woffko said:
    Ok, another one thing to try.
    Run CMD as admin
    powercfg -attributes SUB_PROCESSOR 5d76a2ca-e8c0-402f-a133-2158492d58ad -ATTRIB_HIDE
    then open power management plan "Maximum Perfomance"
    and set Cpu idle Disable under CPU options.
    Attachment 49420
    Set plan active.
    This setting polls CPU C0 state, minimum hardware latency. I have ndis spikes with this setting also, but... less stutters and maximum DPC is 130ms not 250 or 300. But CPU consumes more power and running full speed all the time.
    was the best what i can get!!! thank you very much :)

    I cant watch DTS HD Master and Dolby Atmos via HDMI not without lags... i have 4000-6000 mikro seconds even on a 4770k @ 4.5 GHz. Now after your Tip, i get 10-30 micro seconds!

    Man, you are great!!!!
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    Windows 10

    been having this trouble for a while. thought I had it "solved" at least to some extent... can't recall, but I at least changed some power management settings, tried different drivers, but the problem persists and can even affect my mouse cursor at worst... but today I found that uTorrent is CLEARLY contributing, and knowing from way back, uTorrent notoriously opens a helluva lot of sockets or whatever. So clearly, something wrong in the TCP/IP system, and either Microsoft needs to fix it, or they just expect chip manufacturers to blindly code their way around this mess? Well I'm about to update my Realtek driver to the official latest, which is very recent and specific to Windows 10. See what happens...
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    Having the exact same problem. Realtek have release a new driver yesterday which i hope will help solve this super annoying issue.
    But that does not appear to be the case.
    Mine is atm looking like this.

    Random Stuttering / DPC Latency Nightmare-udklip.png

    Random Stuttering / DPC Latency Nightmare-udklip1.png

    Think i'll try the win7 drivers.
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    Just out of curiosity, ndis.sys is a realtek product, or MS ?
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    I had bad latencies on Windows 7 & 10. I was using an HRT, but when I replaced that DAC with a Schiit Bifrost, everything is fine! I was quite surprised! Even though it appears to be a system file that's causing the problems, it can still be hardware or software problems.
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    Windows 10

    hard to say for sure without doing clean baseline tests, but in my case, using the Windows 7 drivers from the motherboard manufacturer (manual install, because Windows 10) seems to leave me better off. Not saying I have no DPC latency now, but it seems to be less. dcplat.exe was showing less - but yeah, I didn't do a clean boot baseline comparison.
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    Windows 10 Home

    This has been wracking my brain ever since updating to Windows 10. Just random stutters, less than a second long. Never had this issue on 7 or 8. Tried uninstalling a bunch of programs with no luck. Checking with latencymon though, "ndis.sys" seems to be the culprit for me. I have an onboard Realtek network adapter with the latest drivers so I don't know what else I can do.
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    Windows 10

    I'm actually curious now... if it would help to swap out for a solid Intel card... if I have a free slot. I'm switching to a new system at my workplace. I think I'll borrow the card and see if that helps any.

    Anyone else tried this and had any luck?
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    Has anyone had contact with their network adapter manufacturer ? Like realtek support or the like ?
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