I'm using Windows 10 Home Build 10240 and the last few weeks have been experiencing a lot of freezing. I haven't installed anything that would account for this. I ran Driver Verifier and selected two Realtek drivers. This sent the computer into a boot loop which I could only get out of using a restore point (the command verifier /reset didn't work).
I got the same story when I selected the Gear driver gearaspiwdm.sys.

I tried removing the realtek driver but Windows automatically re-installs it on reboot. I tried updating the driver through the Realtek website but my computer freezes during the update process.

I've run chkdsk /r on the hard drive but haven't found any problems. SMART says everything is okay as well. There's nothing in the event viewer that helps. Crashes aren't being reported to minidump either.

Any suggestions?