Hello andthanks for taking a look at my issue. Any input would be very appreciated.

The setup:
· SurfaceBook: 256GB/Intel Core i7 - 8GB/ dGPU Nvidia.
· Laptop isconnected to a Surface Dock (Surface Dock)
· 2 extendedmonitors: AOC i2267fw 22-inch LED Monitors (2)
· Themonitors have 1 VGA and 1 DVI-D
· I have aMini DisplayPort to DVI adapter cable connecting the monitor to the dock. (Adapter)
o Eachmonitor is connected to its own DisplayPort on the dock station
The Problem:
· Themonitors show up on the Display settings page (http://imgur.com/NZ3zldd), but screens remain black (No Signal)
· When I selectan extended monitor and select “detect”, I receive error, “Didn’t Detect AnotherDisplay”
· Both extendedmonitors display “NO SIGNAL” and then go idle
· When I plugin the dock, the computer screen goes black and refreshes, displaying the extendedmonitor.(s) in the settings. The monitor however remains idle
Resolution attempts:
· Restarted Computer/dock/monitors
· Tried one extendedmonitor only, instead of two
· Loweredresolution on Computer/monitors
· Updated Driverson monitors/computer
· Rolled-backupdates on Driver(s)
· Re-installedupdates on Drivers
· Setting ison “DVI” on monitor(s)
· “Disabled”Graphics card
· When I calledGeek Squad, he was unable to find a resolution. It is important to note thatwhen he remote into my computer he saw 3 monitors (2 extended and 1 main) . He was unable to doanything on the extended monitors (move any windows), but he did see them onhis screen. My monitor screens remainedidle.

If you haveany idea what can be faulty in this scenario, please let me know. I reallyappreciate all your help.