I have an iMac dual booting Mac OSX and Windows 10 under Bootcamp. I have the normal iMac wireless keyboard.

Windows has been running normally for several years since the day I got the computer. Windows 10 has been running normally since the day I was able to automatically download it in August.

Today, my keyboard stopped working under Windows 10. I am writing this from the Mac side. The keyboard works perfectly and the battery power is 100% under Mac OSX.

When I boot to my Windows partition (which is the default) I have to use the keyboard to sign-in under Windows. The keyboard works fine for sign-in! Then, as soon as I get to my desktop, the keyboard stops working entirely. No key produces a letter. The cursor doesn't move. I hear a click in my headset when a key is pressed, but nothing happens.

The mouse works. If I reach the hardware and devices portion of the control panel, as far as I can tell things the keyboard device says it is working properly. I remember a wireless keyboard listed and a bluetooth keyboard and something called an HID device. Windows reports that they are working properly. I managed to open the troubleshooter using the mouse only and it couldn't find a problem.

I have turned the computer off and on several times.

Would someone be so kind as to suggest how I can find and fix the problem.

Thank you.