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    Vista 32

    Kbird or Spapakons, Got the Macrium. Is using the Windows Media setup utility needed if I have the Disk? Or will the disk format to the new file system? I know FAT32 no longer works with Windows 10.
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    Fat32 is Fine in Windows 10 , it just is not used by Windows itself which uses NTFS nowadays by default.

    You need to install Macrium and Image ( not Clone) your harddrive to your external if you have not done that ?

    If you used the MCT to make a DVD or USB Drive , then you no longer need it .

    Windows installation can delete all current partitions (with your help) and create new ones easily during the New Install of Win10.

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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 21H1 (May 2021 build 19043.1083)

    It's better to format the partition where you plan to backup to NTFS since the image will be probably a lot larger than the limit of 4GB in FAT32. Windows 7, 8 and 10 can use FAT32 disks but they won't allow you to install Windows on them. They require an NTFS partition. Unless you want to dual boot with another version of Windows or Linux etc, it is not necessary to format the disk before installing Windows 10. At Windows Setup simply select your disk and click next. If there are any partitions present and you want to do a clean installation, then I would click each one and delete it and leave the whole disk space unformatted. Choosing the disk and clicking next Windows Setup will create the necessary partitions and format them as NTFS. If you dual boot, you could also delete the Windows (target) partition and leave only the other OS partition on the disk. Then click on the unformatted disk area and proceed. Windows Setup will create the necessary partitions on the unformatted area and install Windows 10. Doing that you will be able to dual boot with Windows 10 and other Windows version (Windows 10 will be default). To dual boot with Linux you need a utility such as EasyBCD to create a Linux boot entry and point to the Linux partition, so you have the selection in Windows Boot menu. Otherwise you can boot with Linux DVD or USB and install Grub again, so you get the choice in Grub.
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    Vista 32

    Sounds like the MCT might be the easier of the two. I'm not overly concerned about saving the Vista OS I just reloaded it a few weeks ago to get this rig running again. I was using an Android tablet and it was far to limited. What files I wanted to save I have backed up on an external and the few programs I used as well, So theres not much I'm worried about on the hard drive now. I did consider a dual boot setup but again theres nothing in Vista I can't live without. We have two other systems running Windows 10 I just thought it was time to get them all on the same "page". If for some reason 10 doesn't run well I have the OS disk to get Vista back until I can get hardware upgraded if I need to. I have the MCT on a usb drive ready to go and Macrium seems to have stalled out while downloading or its just the crappy internet we have here in the middle of nowhere. I have the Crimson update files downloaded and ready on a usb drive. The advice of two who know more then I do. Thank you both very much. So here we go.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 21H1 (May 2021 build 19043.1083)

    Good Luck!
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    Vista 32

    Well so far not so good. The rig would not run the MCT. Wouldn't boot from it either. Could not get a program like DBAN to run. Got a lot of non win32 errors. So I put the Vista disk in and did an old fashioned format C: command. Format it did. Installed Windows 10. It booted to the black and blue load screen, Juggled it's balls for a minute and rebooted to "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Installation cannot proceed. to install windows, click"OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation". At this point I have no cursor on screen so clicking OK was not an option. Pressing enter a couple of times reboots the rig. this happened over and over. I then set the rig to boot from cd only and got the installation to start over. I now get on option of starting one of two copies of win 10. No matter which I choose the same thing happens or sometimes I get the recovery screen "PC failed to shut down properly" and a few options none of which work any better. So I think with HDD prices being so low I'll just get a new hard drive and start from there since I believe the HDD may be the problem. If I boot to safe mode it I get the same thing. I suppose it could be the MOBO, However under Vista sometimes booting was a hit or miss or very slow, even after reloading it. I can't find a solution anywhere I've looked so maybe this rig is destined for paperweight duty. Up until the last few months it has been stable and reliable.
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    Perhaps try Cleaning the Drive Using Diskpart during Install , then install to the empty Disk............ best to only have the Disk you want Win10 on Connected (pull sata cables off others)

    Once the Windows Installation is started, On the first screen, Press and hold SHIFT Key + F10, a Command Prompt Window will popup then type the commands below followed by the Enter key:


    lis dis ................................................(should only be 1 Drive if you disconnected others and it should be #0)
    select disk 0

    Click Next to continue and Windows Setup should create the needed Partitions and continue.

    Follow all the rest of the instruction to complete.

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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 21H1 (May 2021 build 19043.1083)

    You can use a live CD to check your disk for errors. If your system cannot boot from USB, you can use Plop Boot Manager. This is an ISO that you burn on a CD-ROM and boot your computer from it. It then scans your PC for any possible device and let you boot from that device, including booting from USB flash disks or USB hard disks. So if your DVD-ROM drive is rather old and could screw the installation, you can always prepare a USB flash drive to start Windows Setup from there. If you cannot normally boot from USB use Plop Boot Manager. Also have a look into BIOS for your storage settings. If you have a modern motherboard with UEFI support, try booting in compatibility/legacy/CMS mode instead. If the SATA mode is set to AHCI try setting it to IDE (legacy) instead.
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    Windows 10 IoT

    I use option 2 here, to create my bootable install thumb drives. Works with UEFI and legacy and has worked for me when other methods have failed.

    Another option is when in the BIOS, go to the section where the hard drives are listed. Look and see if the thumb drive shows up as a hard drive. It sounds weird but I've seen it detected this way on some real old motherboards. If it is in the list, make it the first one in the list, put it on top. Then go back to boot order and set it to that hard drive/thumb drive. Then see if your motherboard will boot from it. If it does, remember to go back into the BIOS on the first reboot during setup and switch the order back to the actual hard drive, and unplug the thumb drive.
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    Windows 10 LTSC

    I guess you're trying to run Windows 10 using integrated GeForce 7000 Series GPU?

    NVIDIA doesn't have Windows 10 drivers for GeForce 7000 series anymore so you're better off with the 9400 GT that you have. All you need is the nForce drivers (southbridge chipset drivers)
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