Recently my on-board Ethernet port stopped working. At first I noticed that I no longer had the Wired Connection in the bottom right of my taskbar, instead replaced by the Wi-Fi symbol. I checked to make sure that my ethernet cable was plugged in, and that the lights on either side of the cable were blinking. They were. I then checked my Device Manager to make sure the driver was still there. It was. The only issue I could see was that my ethernet adapter no longer showed up in my network settings, only my Wi-Fi adapter was listed. I noticed in Windows Update, it mentioned that it failed to install a driver for a network component, so I decided I would look for the most up to date driver for my ethernet adapter online, and install it myself. Here is where the real trouble started; Every time I try to uninstall the driver for my ethernet adapter, including when I tell it to delete local files, it comes right back. I've tried disabling it first, and then uninstalling, and even completely disabling my windows update, and automatic device installer, but it still comes back every time. After a few hours of trying this with no luck, I decided to just run Recovery, and luckily it gave me a restore point to just before it ran the last Windows update. After recovery ran, everything worked, until I shut my computer off. When it booted back up, the ethernet adapter was missing again. Went through the same steps; Recover and wait. This worked, and I disabled Windows Update, and it has worked since. However, this fix isn't good enough for me. I want the latest updates from Microsoft, so I just decided to buy a new PCI-E Ethernet Adapter, and hope that would work better. I installed the card into my computer, and it didn't show up in my list of network adapters either, yet the driver for it shows up in device manager. I can also not uninstall this driver. What is wrong with windows? Why can I not delete a driver and just have it list the hardware under Other Devices as an unknown device? Is there some firewall setting that stops me from deleting drivers? Any help would be greatly appreciated.