Mouse :(

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    Mouse :(

    It's not a Windows problem but it's my mouse problem. While I was scrolling a page in and suddenly it stopped then I tried to scroll again it didn't scroll but then the scroller thingy moves faster not slow like before and it doesn't even scroll but it moves faster than ever like when I move it down and up it's fast the scroll thing that we use to scroll page is fast not the pages scroll fast it's the scroll thing can someone help? or give me their mouse picture from inside?
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    I've had a couple of mice where the scroll functions failed. On the first one, the scroll wheel was made up of a plastic wheel with a rubber strip attached to the edge. The rubber strip had stretched and come loose from the underlying plastic wheel. When I tried to scroll, the rubber strip would rotate, but the main scroll wheel beneath it didn't move much. A couple of drops of super glue fixed that problem, reattaching the rubber strip firmly to the plastic scroll wheel.

    The scroll function on most mice works because the scroll wheel is similar to a bicycle wheel with spokes. Inside the mouse, an infrared light beam is aimed through the spokes of the wheel. There is an infrared receiver on the opposite side. As the scroll wheel is rotated, the wheel spokes break the infrared light beam and this triggers the scrolling on the screen.

    There can also be plastic gears added to slow down scrolling and to make the "clicking" feel of scrolling. These can wear out and fail.

    Over time, dust, lint, pet hair, etc. can build up inside the scroll wheel spokes until the infrared light beam is totally blocked and scrolling stops. If the infrared beam is only partially blocked by the built up debris, the mouse will not scroll normally. Scrolling can be jumpy and skip, etc. You can open the mouse and clean out the spokes and it will work again, I've done this. It's not always successful, but if the mouse is not working correctly anyway, what have you got to lose?

    Screws holding the mouse together are usually hidden on the bottom of the mouse under labels or under cushion pads. Just peel these off to reveal the screws. The screws sometimes have security heads that require a special screwdriver to remove them. A little super glue will hold the labels and pads back in place on the bottom of the mouse. Good luck.

    Mice are cheap, it's probably easier to just replace the mouse.

    YouTube videos show how a mouse works and how to repair it.

    Inside an Optical Mouse
    Inside an Optical Mouse - YouTube

    Cleaning a mouse wheel to restore proper scroll performance
    Cleaning a mouse wheel to restore proper scroll performance - YouTube

    How to fix Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 scroll wheel jumps
    How to fix Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 scroll wheel jumps - YouTube
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