The Dell XPS 2720 is an all-in-one with an integrated webcam. Skype worked perfectly on Win 7 but since I upgraded to Win 10 I can no longer make video calls. To eliminate Skype as the source of the problem, I tried a third party product ( as well as the Win 10 inbuilt Camera App. Both exhibited the same behaviour as Skype, i.e. the webcam light came on but no image appeared on the display screen, it remained dark.

In an effort to fix the problem I tried the following:

1. Logged onto the Dell site and updated the drivers. Five were installed but it had no effect.

2. Ran the Win 10 Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter. No webcam issues were reported.

3. Using the Control Panel Device Manager, expanded the list of Imaging Devices, clicked on Integrated Webcam listed there, uninstalled it, and rebooted the machine. That had no effect.

4. Uninstalled Skype and reinstalled the latest version in a last ditch attempt to fix the problem, which needless to say didn't work.

That's exhausted my ideas. Would very much appreciate your help.