OK so sorry if this is in the wrong area but I didn't see a troubleshooting area and I believe my problem could be driver related. OK so whats wrong is after upgrading to windows 10 pro a lot of the times I let me computer sleep it will either sleep for a little bit and then the power light will turn back on and all the fans a running and when i move the mouse or tap the keyboard my monitor wont turn back on. If I click on power button it does nothing and I either have to hard restart or click the reset button. Also note it never did this when I was on windows 8.1. As far as i know everything is also up to date and every time ive googled this problem ive only seen it happening with laptops or regular computers

CPU: i5 4460
GPU: MSI Radeon R9 200 series
Mobo: EVGA Z87 Stinger