I have Windows 10 and I'm using English United States as my keyboard input-- lang[uage. _There was no problem at all until I put-- my laptop t-o sleep for the past- two and half hours. And I'm pretty sure that the sleep is wha-t caused my problem. When I started typing after t-he sleep, special characters appeared with some specific letters. And t-he special chars are always t-he same for a letter.

t- - when pressing t
t- - when pressing - (hyphen)
g[ - when pressing g
50 - I was -typing 0 and i get 50, sometimes 05.
50 - I was -typing 5 and i get 50, sometimes 05.
b - When pressing b, no special char appears but 2 beep sound from the speaker.
)% - When i press closing bracket

When I press the above chars, i get a special char attached to it. When I press those special char in the keyboard I get the same thing.

All Characters:

I tried shutting down and starting again. Tried changing keyboard language to Eng UK.
Now, what should I do to solve this? and _Thanks for any help.