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    For some reason all the sudden my temps keep spiking even though I just applied new thermal paste. I havent done any overlclocking. Temps have been spiking up to 86c and my cpu fan is working fine. It was fine yesterday so i dont know what could have happened.
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    Are you doing anything specifically when your temps spike? Or is it spiking when it's idle?
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    You should reseat your cooler. The spikes can happen if it's not seated properly
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    Is there some task running constantly, like an antivirus program? Check in Task Manager.
    Even then, I would not expect the temp to be that high on your cpu.
    Check fans inside the case for heat dissipation. Also check if cables are in the way of heat flow.
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    well; I took the fan off and reapplied paste to the cover for the cpu and to the heatsink and now thankfully it seems like temps have re stablized themselves for the most part. I think part of it was the fact that the cpu fan was not totally seated properly so I re-seated tt as best as i could buttoned everything back up and went from there and well now it seems like things are fine again fortunately. I thought maybe there was something majorly wrong like with the cover to the cpu or something like that(I know that sounds weird but i thought maybe it was a possibility) but it seems like all is back to normal for now so im marking this as solved.
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       02 Oct 2015 #6

    Good to hear you got it back to normal
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  7.    03 Oct 2015 #7

    I think i spoke too soon. temps are still spiking a bit; but not as high as last evening. I took off my side panel to let it breathe but that i dont think is doing very much. I might have no choice but to go back and get that cm 212 evo cooler I got again. I had bought one but was thinking i would have to remove the mb to attach the mount but apparently i dont have to. So it looks like i need a better cpu fan.
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       03 Oct 2015 #8

    That is a very good cooler, way better than stock fans.
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    I have serious issues going on here. I keep getting a over temperature error from my bios and when it does cool down enough to load Windows it still will run very sluggish and then eventually it will just shut off due to the cpu overheating. Even for someone like myself that has extensive knowledge and has been dealing with Windows and pcs for close to if not more than 30 years this one has me stumped. Something tells me I have a bad processor again. Which has happened in the past and to add to this board I have will not fit any other fans out there as there is just no space for them so I'm stuck w the Intel fan.
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    Looking at your system specs, your i7 cpu should not be getting any higher than around 70C but if it's shutting down due to overheating then it's getting much higher than that. You should be able to run the processor with a stock fan without problems, so you need to be looking at something else:
    - Thermal paste. Reapply. Make sure old paste is completely removed.
    - Cables inside the PC case blocking the fan air flow.
    - Inadequate case fans not allowing dissipation of heat, especially if video card is producing heat.
    - Poorly seated heatsink and fan.
    - Remove dust on components and air vents.
    - Make sure the case fans are mounted correctly in that front fans draw air and rear fans extract it, or vice versa, just not the same.
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