Has anyone had trouble with keyboard input lag when the computer starts? I've tried typing in Chrome and Sticky Notes right after the computer logs in and there is heavy lag between keystroke and the character being displayed. This problem only exists the first 10-20 seconds or so after login and also while i'm alt-tabbed out of GTA V. Afterwards, keyboard input behaves normally. On another computer (not with me at the moment) also running an SSD, I don't remember there being any keyboard input lag in Chrome right after the computer starts.

I've recently done a fresh install of Windows 10 but in my previous Win 8.1 setup, this issue was also present.

Here are my system specs:
Windows 10
Asus Sabertooth z77
Samsung 850 Evo
16gb Vengeance RAM @ 1600 mhz
GTX 780ti