Hi all,

By now i'm sure you've all seen this volume display in Windows 8-10

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From what I can work out, this is a volume display designed for tablets and notebooks that use hardware to alter volume.

That is all good when using a tablet, but not for a PC. Speaking plainly, it's annoying, and I want it gone.

I have a Logitech keyboard with SetPoint installed, with which I can turn off any volume notifications, however, once in a while it doesn't load on start-up and I am once again greeted with this little gremlin on my screen.

I want to turn it off so it never again shows up, but I can't for the life of me work out how. I've tinkered with various volume settings, and ease of access controls, but nothing works.

I know there must be a registry option for this somewhere but I'm not quite that good with PC's yet to attack my registry lol. So i'm hoping some wise soul here knows how to combat this and rid my system of it for good.

As i've mentioned there are ways around it, but I would prefer a clear fix to turn it off for good, I should be allowed that function after all, don't you think?

Thanks for your time. Any questions then please ask.