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I have a ScanSnap S510 which I could not get to work with Windows 10 and after searching the internet and e-mailing Fujitsu (who said that the Scanner stopped being produced 2 years ago and no driver updates were forthcoming) I grudgingly decided to buy its replacement - the iX 500. However when looking at this scanner on Amazon and going through the reviews I came across this suggestion. Use the software for the iX500. I therefore went to the Fujitsu website and downloaded the ScanSnap Manager for the iX500 - I didn't bother with the Organiser software as you need to submit Scanner details (anyway I found that the Organiser for the S510 works fine). The S510 was disconnected and the downloaded software loaded. On reconnection the S510 was recognised and the Manager dialog box could be opened. The ScanSnap symbol appeared in the taskbar. I have scanned a few documents and everything appears to be as before. So, don't throw your S510 scanner away, just run it with the iX500 software. I haven't told Fujitsu!!
This solution worked for me. After the installation, it added one update and I was good to go. My only heartburn is that the preferences window is too small to see. Anyone have an idea how to fix that?