With Stereo Mix enabled in the sound panel, and chosen as default recording device, and drivers confirmed as updated as the system reports, HP Probook 6470b not seeing audio levels on Stereo Mix bus.

I have used this successfully with Adobe Audition in Win7/Pro to record audio from technical support web seminars.

At present while the speakers work fine, there is no audio showing on the level meter in the sound panel for Stereo Mix..

I did find a sort of workaround with Audacity 2.1, using the WASAPI Audio Host, and basically looping the speakers back as an input device. It is recording audio that way, although I am not yet convinced as to highest available quality and stereo separation.

I would like to get the Stereo Mix bus feeding audio as it has in the past. I do recall that with an original install of Win7/Pro the Stereo Mix was not present, and by selecting "show disabled devices" I was then able to see it, and then enable. This is not the case here, as it not only is visible, but enabled as the default recording device. However...no levels present.

Anyone seeing this, and more importantly, any constructive thoughts as to a remedy. Or is this a bug in Win 10?