I had a HDD failure on my ET2701INTI that was running 8.1. I went out and bought a 1TB SSD. Unfortunately, I did not have a back up and the drive would not clone due to bad sectors. Long story short, ASUS refused to give me the Win8 OEM version. I was forced to pay around $90 dollars (50 for image and 20 each way shipping). So instead of sending my PC out i bought Win 10 Pro for $100. It installs just fine, I can use it for a whole day, but on restart i get stuck in an endless loop with VIDEO_Memory_Management_Internal errors. I am in a rock and hard place right now. I am actually thinking of sending to ASUS to have Win 8 put back on it. Any advice or correct drivers would be awesome. Right now I have $2000 brick.

Update: seems to be crashing before restart now with same error.