Mouse problems - not scrolling, resetting speed

  1.    15 Sep 2015 #1

    Mouse problems - not scrolling, resetting speed

    I have a very strange and annoying problem. I bought a new mouse A4tech Bloody V7, I installed the software and everything seemed to be working fine. Then my PC went into the sleep mode and when I woke it up I realised that the mouse scroll doesn't work. I restarted the PC and it was ok again.. I thought it was a one time bug but then I found out that everytime the PC goes into the sleep mode (often) the mouse stops scrolling.
    Now, the mouse software has some very specific features. There are 2 cores that you can switch between and each of them gives the mouse some new features. (such as specific button features, etc.). When the mouse stops working and I open the software and change the core (from 1 to 2, or the other way round) the cores "reset" and the mouse starts working again. So you might think that the software is bad. Well, it isn't.
    I deleted the software to see if the issue still persists and it does. Regardless of the SW being installed or not the mouse gets bugged after the PC goes into the sleep mode. So I tried to test it on my notebook to see if the mouse if faulty. But it works perfectly fine on my ntb. With the SW not being installed on my ntb the mouse works, even after sleep mode. With the software installed it works too. But as soon as I plug it to my PC it gets crappy. But this would still be sufferable, but now (since a few days back) whenever I boot the PC after it has been turned off, the mouse DPI settings are set to the minimum, which resutls in the mouse cursor moving atrociously slowly, but if I try to change the DPI settings to higher with the button on the mouse, guess what, it doesn't work. Doesn't react at all. Also the scroll doesn't work sometimes even on boot. So I have to open the mouse software (even though it starts up on the boot) reset the cores again, and then the speed and scroll work.
    The worst part it that I know how to fix it, but I'm leaving for a year abroad and my mom uses the PC too. And she is not gonna reset the freaking cores every time she turns the PC on for the mouse to work. Problem is that I can't refund it, because it works perfectly fine on my NTB so it's not the mouse's problem, it has to be something in my system. Both my PC and NTB are running Win 10, version 10240. The mouse sw is the latest version on both PC and NTB too. But something on my PC keeps messing up with the mouse and I can't find out what it is.
    Any help?

    What I have already tried:
    • reinstalling the SW
    • tried a different USB slot
    • tried the mouse without the SW being installed
    • different SW version
    • tested the mouse on my NTB (it works there perfectly)
    • none of the above works...
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    Bump .. any suggestions?
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  3.    23 Mar 2016 #3

    WillyDiddly said: View Post
    Bump .. any suggestions?
    Solved this problem for my a4tech a91: I switched mouse to "Core 1" mode.
    (used "Bloody 5" V2015.08 (Bloody Official Website)
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  4.    28 Aug 2016 #4

    WillyDiddly said: View Post
    Bump .. any suggestions?
    When you double-click on the first button on the top of your mouse, you can change the DPI with the scroll, so the scroll don't work.
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