Hello, been having windows 10 for a while now, just recently I started having an issue upon boot. I'm having a little problems explaining the issue, so searching up solutions have proved difficult.

I get as far as to the windows icon, next should be the login screen, then the screens start flickering on and off; I've added a video to help explain Flickering screen windows 10 - YouTube . This only and always happens when I've had a proper boot, I'm still able to turn off the computer properly at this point, but at next boot it is the same. However if I kill it off incorrectly, and turn it on, the problem is gone, only to return next time.

I checked the Event Viewer and have two Errors who fits the timeframe.

Driver install failed, result=0x80004005 for devnode '{D6E55CA0-1A2E-4234-AAF3-3852170B492F}\VJOYRAWPDO\1&2D595CA7&0&VJOYINSTANCE00'

Metadata staging failed, result={00000000-0000-0000-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF} for container '0x80070490'

First one is why I thought it might belong in the driver section of the forum. I've got a Nvidia GTX 680 with the most recent driver. I can't really think of any changes done to the computer before the problem appeared. Might have run a diagnosis with 360 total security which does do some boot tweaking, not sure if may disable something critical by mistake?

What changes when a computer is being booted after a bad reboot? ( as in I need to enter bios and exit, before being allowed back into loading windows ) Is it running in some kind of Semi-safemode that can explain why it works then?