I really don't remember if these existed in Windows 8.x or Windows 7, but this isn't the issue. What I find when I start up Windows 10 it takes about 2-3 minutes for Print Queues to even show up in DM. I am assuming you need to have a printer (Duh).

I have two entries under Print Queues:

1. My Brother AIO printer.
2. Root Print Queue. (whatever this is)

When you guys start up Windows 10 and open up DM does anyone else notice that Print Queues takes awhile to appear? I'm more curious than concerned. I am wondering what's going on under the hood to make these entries appear 'late' considering everything else in DM appears very quickly.

I wonder if something is slowing down the process as it regards to Print Queues. Btw... AFAIK there is nothing in my print queues that still need printing unless there are phantom print jobs hiding there.