Upgrading my Samsung R20 plus Laptop to Windows 10, was not a straight forward experience, compared to the three PC's I had previously attempted so to help others I thought a summary of my problems and solutions may be useful, it certainly would have helped me, most of the solutions are scattered on the Web, its just finding them ..

I recommend loading the upgrade on to a DVD rather than downloading and updating, as this can take some time if an upgrade fails for any reason, and a number of attempts are necessary.

1. the first problem was a message to say the Wireless Adapter was not compatible, and the update failed ..

This was got round by plugging in an external USB WiFi aerial which I happened to have. and the WiFi adapter in the Laptop does work OK once Win 10 is up and running.

2. the next attempt was ok, but I ended up with only basic video drivers, not suited to the screen resolution.

this was cured with installing Win 7 drivers which I had a copy of.

3. My laptop was DUAL boot, with Vista as the second OS, I now had lost this facility at some point in the Driver update.

My most annoying problem at this point was the Laptop would boot up with a blank BLACK screen and just a mouse cursor, pressing off button briefly put it to sleep, on wake up the start screen appeared and all was well.

I updated my BIOS, (Info on the Web) to no avail, but a free program called easyBCD (Info on Web) came to my rescue, giving me my dual boot back.

Finally I set FAST START to off, (info on the Web) and this cured my blank screen problem.

I hope this information helps others with the same Hardware

regards ecky