How to completely remove a Bluetooth device from Win 10? Solved

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    xzion said: View Post
    wouldn't normally necro a thread but i spent two weeks trawling the internet trying to sort this out and this thread is pretty high up on the search rankings, hopefully can help someone.

    My symptoms:
    - Previously working bluetooth speaker (UE BOOM 2 in my case) stops connecting
    - Windows 10 'Bluetooth and other devices' menu shows the device as Paired
    - Pressing connect makes it attempt to connect but fails then it goes back to Paired
    - Remove device hides the device from the menu, but as soon as you turn bluetooth on and off, or restart the computer, the device comes back
    - You pull your hair out.

    Solution that worked for me after much, much unsuccessful internet trawling and one system restore:
    - Download this 7 year old command line bluetooth toolset: Bluetooth command line tools - work with bluetooth from the command line
    - Install it, make sure you enable the option to "Add Bluetooth Command Line Tools directory to path"
    - Open Powershell
    - Put your device that isn't working properly into pairing mode
    - type in "btpair -u"
    - Boom, all of a sudden Windows asks me if I want to allow pairing to my device that isn't working
    - Hit yes, successfully connected again
    - Cry tears of joy

    God I hope that helps someone else.
    I'm here, crying tears of joy. Registering just to say thank you!!
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Home

    There's a similar long-running discussion in the Microsoft communities that I recently came across:
    Working from the signature provided by LFLFM, I came uip the following PowerShell code, which removes devices that have paired incorrectly so the can be re-paired. Just copy & paste into PowerShell -- no downloads required!

    $Source = @"
       [DllImport("BluetoothAPIs.dll", SetLastError = true, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.StdCall)]
       [return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.U4)]
       static extern UInt32 BluetoothRemoveDevice(IntPtr pAddress);
       public static UInt32 Unpair(UInt64 BTAddress) {
          GCHandle pinnedAddr = GCHandle.Alloc(BTAddress, GCHandleType.Pinned);
          IntPtr pAddress     = pinnedAddr.AddrOfPinnedObject();
          UInt32 result       = BluetoothRemoveDevice(pAddress);
          return result;
    Function Get-BTDevice {
        Get-PnpDevice -class Bluetooth |
          ?{$_.HardwareID -match 'DEV_'} |
             select Status, Class, FriendlyName, HardwareID,
                # Extract device address from HardwareID
                @{N='Address';E={[uInt64]('0x{0}' -f $_.HardwareID[0].Substring(12))}}
    ################## Execution Begins Here ################
    $BTR       = Add-Type -MemberDefinition $Source -Name "BTRemover"  -Namespace "BStuff" -PassThru
    $BTDevices = @(Get-BTDevice) # Force array if null or single item
    Do {
       If ($BTDevices.Count) {
          "`n******** Bluetooth Devices ********`n" | Write-Host
          For ($i=0; $i -lt $BTDevices.Count; $i++) {
             ('{0,5} - {1}' -f ($i+1), $BTDevices[$i].FriendlyName) | Write-Host
          $selected = Read-Host "`nSelect a device to remove (0 to Exit)"
          If ([int]$selected -in 1..$BTDevices.Count) {
             'Removing device: {0}' -f $BTDevices[$Selected-1].FriendlyName | Write-Host
             $Result = $BTR::Unpair($BTDevices[$Selected-1].Address)
             If (!$Result) {"Device removed successfully." | Write-Host}
             Else {"Sorry, an error occured." | Write-Host}
       Else {
          "`n********* No devices foundd ********" | Write-Host
    } While (($BTDevices = @(Get-BTDevice)) -and [int]$selected)
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