Hello ! First of all,I'm sorry I'm posting this thread in this category,or better said,on this forum,but I didn't know where to go,and it's the only forum that I know for hardware/devices/software problems,and where people are really helpful.I'm saying that because my problem isn't for Windows 10(initially),it's for iOS.
Ok, so first of all , I bought a Tenda Router W316R and I want to configure it from my phone,an iOS-based phone.I'm talking about an Iphone to be clear.So,i connected to the router with user: admin and password: admin , security key was the default one for my router ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ). I'm using a PPPOE connection,I used the ID and Password that my ISP gave me. So I connected to the "control panel" of my router.I changed the SSID,the security mode,the password(security key),everything fine. But at WAN Connection Status it says Disconnected.I press Connect,but nothing happens,the page is just refreshing.
I know I'm not pretty good at explanations so here is a video of pretty much what I did(yhe one in the video it's not me).What I did starts from 02:35 : https://youtu.be/725bodfdXa0?t=2m35s
Sorry for my bad english,and sorry again for posting this here.I got an Windows 10 laptop aswell,but it's broken right now and it's at a service,and I wanted to browse the web on my phone until my laptop is ready .