Windows 10: Lightscribe Drive won't write labels

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    Lightscribe Drive won't write labels

    Just in case y'all were bored, here's an oldie but a (maybe) goodie...........

    Normal PC that was running win 7 Pro. Had an HP 1260 Lightscribe drive. Burned CDs, DVDs AND Lightscribe labels... Worked perfectly. Worked for years. I know how to use it.

    Upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 Pro. Concurrently, my hp 1260 died and I bought a TSST L632M USB Lightscribe drive. I plug is into a USB port AND IT WORKS. It burns CDs. It burns DVDs. It does NOT burn Lightscribe labels. Drive is clearly marked "Lightscribe". The Internet SAYS it's a Lightscribe drive.

    The Lightscribe service is running. The Lightscribe Control Panel SAYS IT'S THERE. The DISK is a TDK and clearly marked "Lightscribe". As near as I can tell, it should work.

    The Lightscribe template labeler goes through the WHOLE process of "writing" with the animation showing the text being written. BUT, the drive LED never flashes, and nothing gets written.

    I tried it on a SECOND machine - one running Win 10 HOME. Same result. Unfortunately, I've upgraded all four PCs to either Win 10 Pro or Win 10 Home, so I no longer have a Win 7 PC to try the drive on.

    Any ideas on WHY this thing won't do what it's clearly marked to do? Driver of some sort? Bad karma?
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       07 Sep 2015 #2

    LightScribe System Software | Lightscribe Software - Free and Premium Lightscribe Labeling Software

    This is supposed to provide the latest version of the Lightscribe software. From 2013. It appears that HP isn't supporting Lightscribe any more.

    You may be able to get it to work anyway. Good luck.
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  3.    08 Sep 2015 #3

    Strange, my lightscribe in my HP still works fine in Windows 10 Pro. Its from 2009. Still able to use the same software that was installed in 2009. I use it everytime I make a backup or any other kind of DVD. So lightscribe can work and run under Windows 10 Pro without any problems. Wish I could tell you how to fix it, but I've never had any problem with it before or after the upgrade. Good luck.
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    One more thing about your new lightscribe drive, it should show the lightscribe symbol ON the FRONT of your burner!! I don't care what the internet says, if it supports lightscribe the symbol should be displayed on the front of the burner.
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    I'm also using a usb lightscribe drive and it works fine on Windows 10 home. I think it actually works a little better - doesn't seem to take as long to burn the label. Perhaps your drive just gave up the ghost?
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    That's what I keep thinking too........ Yes, my drive DEFINITELY has a "Lightscribe" thing on the front. Exactly the way my old one did. I've tried both Win 10 Pro and Win 10 Home. Neither will make the label. As I said, it doesn't even flash the LED...

    I had one thought this morning - I'm going to try it with the POWER to the drive NOT coming from a USB port. I"ll use a plug-in supply... It SHOULDN'T make a bit of difference, but I'm gonna try it just to see...

    Other than that, I'm out of ideas since the drive works PERFECTLY for putting data on the disk...

    ------- update ---------

    OK, I tried different cables for both power and data. NO difference. Also tried pulling power from a power plug separate from the computer. Same result. The Lightscribe control panel says the drive is there and that it's a lightscribe drive. The Labeling software works. Everything (IN THEORY) should be fine. But, when I tell it to burn the label it never SEEMS to communicate with the drive.

    Oh, and I'm using the most current (2013 I think) version of all the software - for everything... Bizarre.
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    Ok, have you tried to Re-install your lightscribe software ??delete the one that's on your computer and re-install the software. I would think you can still find it on the internet, actually their is one site that sells a newer version for 20 bucks. I've had to re-install 3 or 4 apps all over again after updating to win 10.
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    There is always the chance that you got a defective drive. You said you upgraded all of your machines to Win 10, any chance you have a friend with a Win 7 machine that would like you install the Lightscribe software on his machine and try burning a label? If it still doesn't work there then it could very well a defective drive.

    If you can't try the drive on another machine, I would try returning the drive as defective to where you bought it and ask for an exchange. I would also consider trying a different brand of drive to see if that mattered.
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    This just could be the software and not the drive.....that's why I asked her to re-install the software. Strollin.
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    Yes. I did a complete deletion of all the Lightscribe software and reinstalled. On the laptop I also tried, it had never HAD the Lightscribe software so that was a new install. I've also checked and I have ONE obvious service LightscribeService Direct Disc Labeling Service, and that's set to Automatic and it's running.

    I just contacted Amazon after all the other fiddling I did this morning - I even took a DIFFERENT brand of Lightscribe disc (Memorex vs TDK) and tried that just to see if it was the disc.... They're contacting the seller to see if they'll send me an exchange. It's only about 4 days old (and I've been messing with it for 3) so we'll see....

    Does ANYBODY know of any alternative software for doing the actual BURNING? Something that wouldn't rely on the Lightscribe labeling or system software at all?

    BTW: I've also sent an email to the person that has the Lightscribe Toolbox available to see if they have any ideas. If they tell me their software will absolutely work, I may just buy it, although I'd prefer to use the original stuff if possible. Since I"m a photographer I don't need "Image and Graphics software" or the "CD/DVD Burning software" so I'm concerned that what they're selling for $20 is just the repackaged HP software for labeling and Lightscribe system software.
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