Aspire One D225E
2G Ram
As I recall during the Windows 10 install the Graphics driver was a AMD Radeon HD 6290 ver 15.200.1062.1004 which is current.
I have an external display, just a generic, plugged into the video port and all was working well for several days. I powered down the laptop for a couple of days then upon startup the displays started acting similar to a dual display system except they were not entirely separated like it would be if it were in dual monitor mode.

This is where I discovered the above Intel graphics media accelerator 3150 installed as the display adapter. Weird!

Tried disable and search and almost toasted the system. Scrambled display at the laptop. Just a mess on the screen.
System came up on the external monitor. Went to AMD and downloaded Catalyst and managed to get display back on laptop and successfully managed to get the display back on the laptop. However, did not get the Radeon driver back.

Any ideas short of a reinstall?