All, I have recently purchased a new HP Envy laptop and I am using a Microsoft natural keyboard via USB. The keyboard works as expected for several hours of the day. However, out of nowhere, the keyboard will suddenly stop working for certain applications.

Here is what I know:

  • -It doesn't seem to be every application. A lot of the times, I open a new email and suddenly cannot type. When this occurs, the delete, home, insert keys still work on the keyboard (inside of the new email reply).

  • -When I can no longer type in an application, I can open an Internet browser and still type to enter a URL or search Google so the keyboard never completely stops functioning...only for the application where the problem is currently happening.

  • -When I can no longer type in an application, other applications still allow me to type like there is no issue at all.

  • -Unplugging the keyboard and plugging back in does not resolve the issue. Additionally, as mentioned above, the keyboard still works in other open applications.

  • -Laptop has 16GB of memory. I do not believe this is a performance related issue.

  • -I am rebooting my laptop a few times a day to fix the issue.

  • -I am also noticing that after 10-15 minutes or so, the program(s) that previously prohibited me from typing (all of a sudden), will just start working again as if nothing ever happened.

  • -Restarting the laptop fixes the issue. Closing the program experiencing the issue and then re-opening does NOT fix the problem.

What I can't figure out:

  • -I cannot figure out a pattern as to which applications are experiencing this issue. It happens often in Outlook and also happens in my IM client (using pidgin). It has happened as well in SQL Server.
  • -I cannot figure out how long it takes for the program to "recover." As I mentioned above, I don't always have to reboot for the keyboard to start working again. Sometimes waiting several minutes fixes the problem.

I am troubleshooting as well as I can, but I am also quite busy with work so sometimes the easiest method is simply to reboot and hope I catch on to some pattern the next time the issue occurs.

Any help provided will certainly be appreciated as this is starting to become quite frustrating. I am also going to check HP's support, but my first inclination is that this is a Windows 10 issue.

Thanks in Advance!