taking the screen off a probook

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    win 10 64 bit os x64 based processor now with 20h2 update

    taking the screen off a probook

    ok i have win10 22h2 i think if not then 21h2 but it is the pro version of win10. i do not have the pc in front of me now.

    anyway i took a hp probook that had a bad screen and plugged in a monitor and ran it for a few hours and it ran good. the laptop screen was going on and off but the monitor stayed on and i could do everything i needed to do using that monitor.

    so i took the screen off the probook laptop and set the guts on the table with the monitor connected and the monitor did come on and it works, however now the screen like 14" and the monitor is 19" and when i had both connected the monitor filled the 19".

    now it might just be the monitor was mimicking the laptop screen so the laptop was a full screen and the monitor was a full screen and when i took the screen off the laptop the monitor went back to it's default settings.

    so what i would like to know is if i get a larger monitor as the wife wants a 23" monitor will this laptop show the full screen on the 23" monitor or will i wind up with a 23" monitor with a 14" screen size showing on that montior? does anyone have a clue on that issue?

    i do not need to get a large monitor and have this laptop now default to a small display because it is not seeing the default monitor that came with this laptop that is now on the table and not on the laptop. i guess i could take the laptop screen cable and board and plug it back in and just lay it behind the keyboard so the laptop thinks it has both screens still connected. but i rather just have a larger screen show a full screen size.

    also does anyone happen to know if i can get a driver for this monitor i have connected now to see if it might get a larger full screen size? if so i will give it a go.

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    Question: Have you tried to set the screen resolution of the 19" monitor? You may have to override the default resolution, which the laptop seems to be providing.

    It's just a thought. It may not work, but it's worth a try if you haven't done that. And Windows update should find a driver for your 19" monitor, but that may not actually be the problem here.
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    win 10 64 bit os x64 based processor now with 20h2 update
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    yes i went to display and it gives me default the small 800x600 and 1024x768 i picked the larger one. but when i have the lpatop screen still hooked up that lenavo monitor did show a fool screen. now to be fair it may have been over shooting the ability of the lenavo monitor kind of like some tvs do when you have the sides of the screen dark and you go into settings and blow it up to full screen and you over shoot and lose some of the display.

    i did look for a new driver and it said ihad the best one. alos when i'm in the display section it want to show 2 displays it has 1/2 and default but the default is just a blank window and the 1/2 if blue. i hate to mess with that for fear of losing this display and telling the laptop to use the display i took off and then have a black monitor. i would have no clue how to get the 1/2 back.

    i may take the hp screen apart and see if i can plug in the driver board and or cut out that section and plug in the original screen and just set it on the table.

    this is kind of experimental at this time. but if anyone happen to know if i was to put a 23-24" monitor on this laptop that has the original laptop screen taken off and have the monitor show a full size screen with out any dark sides then i will just get a newer monitor. it is possible that this monitor just can't do a full screen and when i had it connected to the laptop it was over scanning.


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    today i tried another monitor and that monitor showed a full screen but all it gave me was the splash screen it did not show any icons on the desktop it did not show the browser it would not show the settings screen but the menu it di show but nothing came up on the screen when i click on them. so i had to put the Lenovo screen back on. i have a handle on 2 other screens and i will try them this weekend and let you guys know how they work. at this time the hp probook is just the keyboard and the screen-lid is gone. that pc had a bad screen so i did not ruin it outside of the bad screen that was turning on and off but the monito did not turn on and off so it had to be the screen itself that was failing. it is a bit strange to be typing on a laptop and the scree section is not there but if i can find a monito that will show the complete screen then for now i have solved the issues on not being able to see those smaller screens.


    - - - Updated - - -

    ok update i got the other monitors to show but i had to have the laptop screen connected so what i had to do was just remove the screen form the cover and put it under the laptop keyboard and then the monitor would show the correct display. if i unplugged the screen the monitor went off. i also tried the win key and p key and selected the monitor only so that turned off the lt screen but when i power the lt i lost the monitor again so if anyone know how to force the monitor only to run during restarts i may be able to take the screen off the lt and have the monitor keep running.

    one thing i did now for the time being was to do the win key and p key and just trun off the lt screen so it is just not setting under the lt cooling pad running and getting hot so i selected just the monitor and the lt screen did turn off. but it would be nice to just be able to remove the lt screen completely.

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