I currently have a Windows 10 PC running Enterprise edition. The PC has a storage spaces set up on it consisting of 6 x 2TB drives. It also has a m.2 with the Windows install on it.

We needed to re-image the PC which we use PIXE boot for. when doing this, all the storage drives apart from 1 was unplugged. We did not realise the last one was in the PC until after the re-image. Unfortunately the re-image saw the drive for the storage spaces as disc 0 so put the new Windows image on it.
What we have done so far is to clear the drive (zeroed it) and we want to try to remove and then re-add the drive to the storage space but so far, we have not been able to find a way. Storage Spaces show the drive as erroring as a loss of data. Their is no option to remove any of the drives from the pool. The drive has not been retired at this point as I suspect that doing so means that the drive will not be able to be put back in.
Does anyone know if their is a way that this drive which accidentally had a Windows image put on it can be re-used within the storage space pool?

Thanks for any help