Do SATA to Female USB connector cables exist?

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    Do SATA to Female USB connector cables exist?

    With the demise of HEDT and the pertpetual lack of PCIe lanes on mainstream boards I am trying to find a way to maintain my 10GB ethernet, 4 front USB 3.0 ports without losing half my GPU bandwidth by installing PCIe expansion cards.

    My case is a Thermaltake W100.

    The are a total of 4 motherboards with 10G NICs. Two are well over A$2000. One is A$1800, the other is A$1100 - and the latter is the one I'm considering - the ASUS ProArt Z790. There are a few deficiencies that I can live with, but one I cant is that it only supports 2 x USB 3.0 on the front. I need 4.

    USB 3.0 has a theoretical max speed of 5.0Gbps, right?

    So is there an adapter or cable that has a male SATA connector at one end and a female 2 port connector at the other end?

    Does the USB port need power? So I'd have to have a SATA power cable connected to?

    If so I guess a 2 port connector like we see on every motherboard made over the last 10 years would not exist?

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    You shouldn't lose any bandwidth with the right PCIe slot that doesn't share bandwidth with your GPU. Besides, PCIe 3.0 has a bandwidth of 32GB/S. Refer to your MOBO manual on the PCIe slots that don't share bandwidth with slot number 1, or what ever slot you're using for the GPU.

    USB is VERY theoretical, and you'll most like will NEVER get 10 Gbps over USB if that's what you have for the network. Your only solution is tapping into PCIe. Unless there's some very niche product out there that translates Ethernet to SATA and vice versa..
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    Sorry, I seem to be really good at creating confusion.
    My 10G LAN is ethernet, not USB. I move A LOT of data around daily, I also have a number of M.2 NVme drives connected to USB 3 ports and via the back USB-C 10Gbps ports. (Currently using MSI Creator X299)

    If a CPU has 20 lanes. 16 for PCIe slots and 4 for the M2_1 port there's no more. Let's say I buy a cheaper motherboard which has a slow 2.5G ethernet port. So I buy a 10G PCie ethernet NiC and plug it into a PCIe slot. so where do the PCIe lanes come from? Manuals typically state x16/x0/x0, x8/x8/x0, x8/x4/x4 (Depending on the motherboard of course).

    So if I buy a motherboard with 10G built in I'm looking at A$1800-A2300. Or $1100 for the ProArt.

    So, the question remains, despite searching for the last couple of days I can't find a way to get two extra internal USB-3 ports to the front of my case without some for of adapter/converter. The ProArt has 8 SATA ports so I was wondering if there is a way to get two extra USB 3.0 ports from there?

    Sure I could buy the A$2000 motherboard, but that doesn't make a lot of sense, when all I want is 2x USB 3.0 ports. I don't need the other features that are on the more expensive board. They would be damned expensive USB ports :)

    So I'm not looking to translate Ethernet to USB. I'm looking to convert SATA to USB.

    btw; My best transfer speed over USB 3.2 10Gbps is about 700MB/s (5.6Gbps)
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    Why can't you use rear USB ports?
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    NavyLCDR said:
    Why can't you use rear USB ports?
    1. I'd have to buy a bunch more cables as the cables that come with the M.2 enclosures are 15cm. They're A$25 - A$50 each depending on the length and quality.
    2. I will have only 2 spare ports with all the other stuff I have plugged in already and I Have 4 drives I want to plug in/out
    3. As the drives are portable and the computer is under the desk I have to keep climbing under the desk unplug/plug the cables. I'm getting too old to be climbing under desks multiple times a day. Or buy another 4 cables.
    4. I have 4 ports on the front of my case. I don't see why it's wrong to want to use all of those ports.

    Well, I guess there is no such thing as an internal SATA to USB converter adapter/cable.
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    Unless I misread the specs, that mobo has

    2 pcie 5.0 x16 slots (support x16 or x8/x8 modes) and the M.2_1 slot (supports x4 mode)from the cpu .

    1 pcie 4.0 x4 and M.2_2, 3 and 4 from the chipset.

    ProArt Z790-CREATOR WIFI|Motherboards|ASUS Global

    Well, I guess there is no such thing as an internal SATA to USB converter adapter/cable.
    There are m2 to usb3 adapters. I have only seen them with one usb3 port.

    Do SATA to Female USB connector cables exist?-m2-usb3.jpg
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    I suppose using a USB hub is out of the question?
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