For anyone that has a Logitech G510 keyboard and has the screen flashing problem when using the volume control on the keyboard, seeing as Logitech seems loath to fix it you can fix it your self with the following (not my video),

Fix for G510 Windows 10 Volume Flashing Monitor Problem Using AHK - YouTube

Start with getting AutoHotKey,

AutoHotkey: macro and automation Windows scripting language

and creating a script as shown in the Youtube link,

#MaxHotKeysPerInterval 400

Created August 2 2015 by Lucid Dreams for Logitech G510 Volume Slider Monitor Flash Issue

SC130:: Send {Volume_Up 1}
SC12E:: Send {Volume_Down 1}
and running the script. Once done no more screen flashing with the volume control.

Credit to Lucid-Dreams. Original thread here,

Fix for G510 Windows 10 Volume Flashing Monitor! :... - Logitech Forums