As the description says, I am getting some audio popping/crackling from internet videos (html5, flash etc.) and voice chat programs like skype or razer comms. I play a lot of games and there doesn't seem to be any popping into game audio. I will say that I've been looking into some common problems with this issue and I can say that my video card driver, network card driver, BIOS are all up to date as these are known to be common culprits of this problem. I've also installed LatencyMon to try and track any DPC latency spikes and after leaving it for 15 minutes or so, it only capped at around 700 latency, and usually was steady on 200 latency, so it doesn't seem like its a latency issue. This started happening after I formatted onto windows 10 from windows 7, as this was not an issue when I was running my computer on windows 7. Any suggestions to resolve this issue would be appreciated.