I hijacked the thread with an answer meaning, i have things to repair too on my computer.
Wa not trying to fix things on this thread and did already a post about this problem.

I tryed solutions given, before posting, nothing could been recovered, /fixboot and /fix mbr there was no errors,
And i didn't tryed rebuildbcd.

Anyway i just installed windows on a 2TB hard drive, with three new sata 6gb/s akasa cable.
And just to say i think my samsung f3 was damaged.
And about partitions, none was green, i could only try to find partitions that couldn't be repaired,
and none of the 7-10 entrys for each quick search and deep search, had folders i could check.

I compared to my fresh install, and my harddrive in test disk has all partition green in gpt / ntfs testdisk config.
But again there is no solution to fix it, i did a reinstall on both drives :)

ANyway thanks, and sorry again for hijacking by mistake.

ps the raw partition was showing as an almost full 465 and 464 gb.
And i did a big mistake: I checked in expert mode what i thought been the true 464 gb partition, and selected it as wrigt, there was no more windows been detected in win 10 dvd repair disk and dvd install disk same for win re that couldn't try to repair it anymore.

And before i choosed the main mbr instead of mirror that could be the good mbr.

Lol i speack a lot, i stop now.