Hi Guys,

I have one of those newfangled SATA-to-USB adapters for internal hard drives.

I have attempted to hook up two of them - one is a WD Caviar 500GB; another is a Seagate Barracuda 3000GB.

I am not able to see inside them. If I go to Windows 10 computer (disk) management, I can definitely see that Windows sees the drive (and puts it in Disk 1, showing online). It also shows me the drive partitions.

However, it doesn't tell me the file system on the partitions, and it doesn't give me any way to map drive letters to them. (most of the properties on each volume are greyed out; volumes show "Healthy (Primary Partition)" but do not have any drive letters attached.

On Windows 7, before the upgrade, this stuff worked.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

- Bill