Since installing Windows 10 I've been bothered by "Device Disconnected" sounds about every 10 seconds or so.

I just turned off the sound until I could investigate further.

I found that the AES2501B fingerprint reader device is the culprit as disabling it stopped the Device Disconnect sounds, but this prevents me from using the fingerprint reader to log in to Windows.

Further digging lead me to discover that this was power management related, but Windows 10 no longer seemed to offer the ability to turn off power management on a device basis.

Update: I found that adding a DWORD entry in the registry appears to resolve this. I got the "Driver key" for the device by checking the device properties in Device manager, going to the Details tab, and selecting "Driver key". This had the value:


I then went into regedit, and opened the location:


I then added a new DWORD, giving it the name PnPCapabilities with a value of 0.

This appears to have stopped the Device disconnects, and strangely, it also has brought back the Power Management tab (but just for this device).

However, I'm not 100% convinced that the value of zero is the best/correct solution, please could someone who knows this stuff better than I please contribute.