What's world's longest lasting SSD

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    What's world's longest lasting SSD

    I want to buy SSD or NVMe for my PC, what is world's longest lasting SSD?
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    I don't know about superlatives.

    The term you need to search on is "endurance". The wear on SSDs is determined by the number of writes before they degrade.

    Examples of SSD intended for NAS applications, with high endurance: IronWolf SSD | Seagate US

    You'll pay extra for more endurance, of course.
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    what is SSD with more than 3600 TB writes?
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    Oh yes but im going to save my budget first before buying thank you
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    SSDs fail for two reasons:

    1) wear and tear due to write cycles. In reality modern ssd are very durable, and for average user you will take many years to get close to limit. Quoted statistics are non guarantee anyway.

    and the most crucial point

    2) the more likely failure mechanism is the interface electronics, not the write endurance. SSD vendors never tell you the likeliehood of this, but failure of electrical components followe a typical gaussian bell shaped distribution with time.

    Some will fail early, most will fail at an average time, and some will live longer.

    In other words, vendors quote write endurance based on tests of rapid writing over a short period, so the probability of an electronics failure in short term is not an issue.

    In the real world, your ssd heats up, cools down many times over a long period. Cyclical heat variation that kills electronics eventually.

    So you are far more likely to have a failure of the interface rather than reaching limit of the memory writing.

    So, best advice is buy one at a reasonable price which will last a few years unless unlucky. Keep tegular backups of pc, then if drive does fail, buy a new one. The beauty of this approach is yiu will probably get a lot more capacity for same amount of money when you buy a replacement.

    If you had forked out a lot of money a few years ago, you might get long life but the capacity was probably 250 GB or less. Now you can but 1TB+ much faster SSDs.

    Think of drives as a replacement commodity and plan to replace say every five years.

    It is pointless buying a very expensive one UNLESS you are going to do a really excessive amount of writing in a short period.
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    Depending on disk use you may expire before the drive does!
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    You'd achieve better reliability by using multiple backup drives.
    - The chances of failure over time for each one would be small, as commented on above.
    - The chances of more than one failing at the same time would be astronomically small.

    And it would make no difference which type or brand of SSD you used provided it was made by a company that believed it had a reputation worth protecting & hence had an incentive to make good quality products.

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    I've yet to have an SSD fail and my first SSD purchase was back around 2009/2010, it's an 80GB Intel X25-M G2. Still working to this day.

    However, i don't really use that SSD anymore, as 80GB is pretty much useless these days. That's what I find with SSD's, you outgrow their capacity before the drive fails based on Endurance numbers.

    Spending extra to get sufficient capacity makes sense. Spending extra to feel better because it has more endurance is pretty much wasted money.
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    I'm with @pparks1 (and even have the same Intel SSD, purchased the same year). I've got at least half-a-dozen mSATA devices, and 8 or more NVMe drives. None has failed, ever. The temperature thing is worth concerning yourself about, but you can always use a simple box fan to blow extra air across an enclosure. I have a USB fan and a box fan in my office to use for extra ventilation when needed.
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