Hard drive turned RAW after changing sata port. Table resotration

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    Did TestDisk say both MFT and MFT mirror are OK?

    If it did then try Getdataback again and check whether it shows your files.
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    Yes it did, I apologize for not attaching a screenshot! It stated "MFT and MFT mirror match perfectly." Unfortunately, GDB is showing no files still. That was with a level 1 scan, should I continue trying the level 2, 3, and 4 if needed?

    Edit: Strangely enough, when looking at info in GetDataBack, I believe something is still wrong with the MFT. The following screenshot shows what I mean.

    Hard drive turned RAW after changing sata port. Table resotration-get-data-back-screenshot-5.png

    When mounting another drive, the MFT values were much different in that info screen.
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    You may try level 2 , 3 and 4. No problem. I have also contacted another expert member SIW2 to help with this checkdisk problem "Unable to determine volume version and state" You may also do a google search to check for any handle. One such thread where finally the OP used PhotoRec to recover the data.
    Unable to determine volume version and state - External Hardware...

    Worst comes worst, you can try running Photorec to recover the data. Please Wait... | Cloudflare

    Do read all the documentation on the TestDisk website on using PhotoRec.
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    I appreciate your patience. I will run and mount a level 3 scan. It seems like it will take awhile. Thankfully, as you have stated, I can always recover the data if necessary. When messing around with the cloned image from before I first posted here I found that data did exist thankfully. Just with no partition table, the files were a mess and many unnamed. I will also read information about PhotoRec!

    Edit: I found a thread online that could potentially be helpful.

    Hard drive went RAW, doesn't show in Parted Magic Mount. - Page 2 - Internal Hardware

    In this thread, the person was having similar issues, but with a bad MFT. In this thread they used various tools and found the files where testdisk could not. What do you think/suggest?
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    The OP there has said in post#31 "It looks like everything is in order after Active File Recovery finished the Super Scan. I guess it's time to pay to recover all my data"
    You may try the Super Scan in Active@File Recovery. In fact when TestDisk fails to recover data saying MFT cannot be repaired, we recommend GetDataback (USD80) and Active @File recovery(USD30)
    Find and Restore Lost Files: Undelete deleted files and recover damaged disks Some users were happy with GDB while some were happy with Active@File recovery

    If you succeed in recovering data by any means, let us know. I learnt most of the data recovery techniques reading User experiences and my own experiments.

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    You could Try active @ filerecovery, it is free to scan. Then if it finds your data, you need to buy a license to recover.

    The poster here had some success with photorec.. Also good advice about using ddrescue
    Unable to determine volume version and state - External Hardware

    "My usual procedure in cases like this is to use GNU ddrescue to image the drive to a spare, then image that spare to a second spare, then run all my data recovery attempts against the second spare. When (not if) that results in some degree of accidental data destruction on the second spare, I re-image that from the first spare and start over."

    Repair missing partition on hard drive w/ corrupted disk structure? - harddriverepair | Ask MetaFilter
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    Thank you both for the helpful information! I have a drive clone already established thankfully just in case anything goes wrong. I had not yet thought about creating two disk clones, great idea! After running SuperScan in Active@ File Recovery (because GDB was taking VERY long, 4% in 1 hour), my results are as follows.

    Hard drive turned RAW after changing sata port. Table resotration-superscan-screenshot-1.pngHard drive turned RAW after changing sata port. Table resotration-superscan-screenshot-2.png

    While I don't understand much about the volumes or the sheer number of them, from what I can tell any file created or modified after 2021-01-25 is now lost/raw; every volume shows that date as the latest data entry. This has proven confusing as I don't believe anything happened that day as I was out of town? I still am unsure what went wrong as every tool I've used has shown good drive health. I guess it is a good indication why good backup is necessary and how reliance on old drives isn't ideal. Is there much else I could try? It seems like Photorec would be the next step if anything else.

    Additionally, more confusion comes about considering I installed windows (albeit on a separate drive in the system) on 03/09/2021. So odd.
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