PC cold boot stops during BIOS, works on restart/warm boot

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    Win 10 Pro 21H2 (OS Build 19045.3636)

    PC cold boot stops during BIOS, works on restart/warm boot

    For the past few weeks when powering up my elderly PC it almost always stops during BIOS after displaying the CPU details (1st image).

    Pressing the Reboot button on the front panel it boots fine every time (2nd image).

    As the next line it would display is the memory check ok it seems to suggest something to do with the memory. I've run MemTest86+ for 1 complete pass, no errors found (3rd image)

    Would seem to be a cold boot / warm boot difference.

    Whilst it's not a real problem for me as the PC is working very well, it may be a warning of something or it may just be something has changed, perhaps inadvertently by me, and needs changing back, though no idea what.

    Any thoughts on how to progress this?

    [Apologies for not embedding the images in this text, for some reason it ignores any upload request, only attachments seem to work.]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PC cold boot stops during BIOS, works on restart/warm boot-img_20210402_080106369.jpg   PC cold boot stops during BIOS, works on restart/warm boot-img_20210411_172157037.jpg   PC cold boot stops during BIOS, works on restart/warm boot-img_20210411_172022014.jpg  
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    It may be that you need to replace the CMOS coin battery CR2032.

    After a long shutdown period, start the computer and during POST press Del to enter BIOS.
    Is your time and date correct?
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    Win 10 Pro 21H2 (OS Build 19045.3636)
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    I replaced the CMOS battery last year. The date and time are correct to my recollection. Will double check tomorrow
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    Did you disable the fast startup in windows to try?
    Because windows 10 don't shutdown but instead they hibernate.
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    Win 10 Pro 21H2 (OS Build 19045.3636)
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    Thanks folk for these thoughts.


    I tried Del on boot this morning but it didn't accept it before the "stop". Pressed the restart front panel button and then went into the BIOS, date & time spot on.
    I looked back and was able to confirm I changed the CMOS battery on 3rd July 2020.


    Although, in theory, I have the Hibernate option available, and have Fast Startup enabled, I've never knowingly used Hibernate, I always use Shut Down.
    Given the stop occurs during POST and before even the disc drives are detected and displayed I wouldn't have thought it's a Hibernation issue.
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    Try reflash your BIOS, and then boot in to the Windows, shut down computer and clear CMOS.
    PC cold boot stops during BIOS, works on restart/warm boot-clearcmos.png
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    Windows 11 pro X64 latest

    @tpriest Given the stop occurs during POST after hibernation because of hybrid shutdown and no on restart you must check this.
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    Win 10 Pro 21H2 (OS Build 19045.3636)
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    My apologies, I've been somewhat busy lately so haven't had chance to update this thread.

    The problem still persists. One chance event produced some more evidence. One evening after closedown, I forgot to switch the mains power off at the wall socket which I usually do. The following day it booted perfectly. so for the next week I left wall power on after PC closedown, and every time it booted perfectly. After a week of this I switched it off at the wall and the following morning it hung in BIOS. This is before memory check, before drives detected.

    It seemed to point to the CMOS battery so I replaced the battery again, leaving it in a no-battery state for 10-15 minutes. The old battery was reading 3V, the new 3.2V. No difference in behaviour. I'm reluctant to flash the BIOS in case of bricking it. The current BIOS version is F9 which seems to be the latest non-Beta.

    At the moment I'm inclined to live with the problem, it's a minor fault in the grand scheme of things and eminently liveable.

    I've applied to join the official Gigabyte forum but my application has been pending awaiting approval for 5 days so far so I've no idea whether it will ever get approved.
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    Always load the BIOS defaults after installing a new BIOS battery. My Gigabyte board fails to boot if the CMOS battery is much below 2.9V. I would also turn off fast startup and any fast boot option in the BIOS. Contact Gigabyte Support for help. They still provide advice for my 9 year old Gigabyte board. Also ask Gigabyte if there is a later BIOS version that the one on their web site since they don't publish all available BIOS versions.
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    Windows 10 Pro 21H1

    I battled with this issue for months. I had changed out an i5 cpu to an i7 several months earlier. It worked great. I rarely turn the computer off. Just put it to sleep instead. During the ice storm we had multiple power failures so I had to cold boot it and it wouldn't boot until I removed the power cord and drained the capacitors. EVERY TIME. Restart worked fine. I changed Cmos bat, power supply, even the power cable to mobo, and problem persisted. I then changed power options in bios for "what to do when power fail" to LAST STATE. Every time the power failed and then restored, the PC would cold boot just fine on its on to whatever state it was in when the power failed. I was going around in circles. I finally (for lack of anything better to try) put my old i5 cpu back in. Bingo. Everything worked and has been working ever since. So for some reason, that i7 cpu would not cold boot. I've been messing with computers for years and have never seen such an issue with a cpu before. Just throwing that out there in case it could be your problem.
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