I am not entirely sure this is where this would go and if I picked wrong please move to the correct forum.

This morning I turned on my Surface like I have done every day and it shows the logo (as usual) then goes to the spinning dots (as usual) but then it just sits there and will not move forward, the spinning continues and Windows will never load. In the past this was resolved simply by rebooting it but I have done that many times today and the only thing that changes is that occasionally it will go passed the spinning dots and just show a blank black screen instead. But the results are always the same, just won't load Windows.

I have gotten into the startup screen, tried the "Startup Repair" comes back saying can't do it look at the log but the log at the path they list is non-existent (so did it even try to fix this) and I tried to log into Safe Mode (even though I have BitLocker) because I was confident that I have the key and can hopefully resolve it that way. However, to my great disappointment, I found that when my daughter saved the BitLocker key for her new machine, she OVERWROTE mine, so I actually do not have my own key anymore, that was a gut punch.

So now I don't know what to do and I cannot just wipe it because I have critical data that is not yet backed up on it, so that's absolutely not an option. I clearly don't have access to my BitLocker key anymore (thank you Emily, if you weren't 20 and in college I could ground you) and clearly the "automated" fixes provided by Windows are not doing anything. I am looking for someone to come to the rescue with something I might have overlooked.

Since this feels like it might be hardware, I am putting it here but it may very well be a Windows service not starting up correctly causing the issue, so please file accordingly at your discretion. My Windows 10 Pro version off the top of my head is the 20H2 but that's about all I can tell you without being able to pull it up. Please, any help will be greatly appreciated.