Dear TenForums:

DaveC here once more - I've only opened up the Enermax box for the Revolution DF power supply; and the Biostar B550GTA mobo-boxes "just enough" to get their paper manuals out (they're spring-clipped together) - so, while I was waiting for the Toshiba HDD to arrive (it's the new data storage volume for the upgraded PC) I figured that the dependable old Dell Dimension 9200 with the "sick Seagate" in it, that was able to "do a CHKDSK" run with its Windows 7 installation that "got it readable" again, might also be the best platform to format the new Toshiba HDD as a traditional MBR-style drive in the now-normal NTFS file system, and load what I saved from the "sick Seagate" onto the Kingston thumb drive, directly onto the Toshiba for it to be ready-to-go after I start that upgrade this coming weekend.

As the "drop-shipment" of the new HP/Nvidia Quadro P1000 4 GB video card is still likely to take some time before it arrives, I'll HAVE to continue the use of the 2015-vintage Nvidia Quadro K620, 2 GB vidcard, in the new B550GTA's "mid-board" PCI-E v.3 PCI-e x16 card slot...aside from that, the doubled-to-32 GB RAM, the Ryzen 7 3700X octo-core CPU, and the up-to 850 watt capacity of the new Revolution DF power supply, SHOULD start things off well for the needed upgrade.

So, "this coming weekend" starts off the upgrade gruntwork...

Thanks so far, and Yours Sincerely,