hi guys,

I have a new DSLR camera, which they equipped with a usb-c connector on the camera's end, great!

It's supposed to charge with that plug as well, in fact it does, HOWEVER something funny is happening:

When i plug the camera via that cable to my PC, either usb-c to usb-a or usb-c to usb-c i noticed that after 15 minutes the camera stops charging. There's an orange light on the camera when it charges, it's turned on with camera OFF (it only goes orange if the camera is OFF).

This happens both on a straight connection to my laptop (with AC on) and also on my HP G2 usb-c hub, which has its own adaptor as well.

I have also a JBL bluetooth speaker which charges on usb-c too and that one goes with no issues for 2-3 hours straight until the speaker is fully charged, whether i am on the PC or via the hub, even without the PC.

is it a setting somewhere on the PC or the camera itself since the JBL charges fine?