cytherian said:
I'd been using my Google Pixel 5 on two Windows 10 laptops with no issues. One of my laptops just updated to Windows version 20H2, Build 19042.867. And now, my Google Pixel 5 is no longer recognized for file transfer. Normally, I'd select USB-File Transfer on the Pixel 5 and then it would appear in Windows Explorer as a device node. Windows 10 no longer does this. I don't see any unrecognized devices in my device list.

I double-checked on my other Windows 10 laptop that has not yet updated. It still sees the Pixel 5 just fine. It appears the huge 20H2 update has invalidated the Google Pixel device drivers somehow. Is there some way to correct this or am I forced to wait for a future update that fixes this problem? Thanks.
Hi there, I seem to be in the same situation as you on 20H2. My new Pixel 5 which arrived yesterday, is not recognized at all in the USB-C input but my Pixel 3 is recognized. If I switch to USB-A to USB-C, then it is recognized.

Is my phone defective? Should I send it back or is it a software issue? I assumed hardware issue because my Pixel 3 connects fine to the same port.

Can anyone suggest a solution?