This may help all those you use external USB Hard drives

It seems like I have been battling this demon for the longest time. File explorer has been a struggle since I changed over from Windows 7 to Windows 10 about 5 years ago. I was really struggling with my last computer. It was ancient and I had a feeling the Windows 10 OS was messed up.

Any time I accessed my files or tried to create a new file folder the Windows 10 arrow would spin 15-45 seconds. Working with files was a chore. I tried the setting to not turn off hard drive. But that only affects drive C not external USB drives. Today I found : Settings> System>Power & Sleep>Additional power settings>change plan settings>change advanced power settings> USB settings> USB selective suspend settings> Plugged in: Disable

Turn On or Off USB Selective Suspend in Windows 10

Wholly macaroni. No more waiting forever to access file folders on any eternal hard drives. This may prevent people from pulling all the hairs from your head

If this needs to go somewhere else please move it. I did not know were else to put it.