This is posted solely out of curiosity: I had plugged in a new computer camera which, when turned on, presented a poor image. By fiddling with the USB plug, I could get it to work, but the problem was there each time I turned it on.

After a short while, I contacted Amazon, which kindly allowed me to return the unit for full credit despite my request coming after the stated return period. When I unplugged the camera to package it for return, I discovered that a problem I had encountered and could not solve had disappeared. The problem was that my WiFi printer kept going off line until I unplugged the camera.

( had turned off SNMP for the printer to keep it on line, SNMP being something I had never heard of but found in my search for a solution to the printer being offline. I turned SNMP back on after unpluuging the camera, which is when I found that the printer went back online.)

The connection (yes, the pun is most assuredly intentional) between the defective camera and the printer, even with the camera turned off, is something that I have less than no knowledge about, if that negative level is possible. I would appreciate a simple (i.e. non-technical) explanation if that is possible.