Hi guys,

Got this laptop (Asus F751LN) and it has a 24GB SSD (and a separate 1TB HDD) which I assume is used for data caching. Problem is I looked quite a bit over various threads and forums and didn't found an answer to my question. And that would be "What do I need to install in order to use the SSD as cache?".

Over at Intel's site they have a Windows 10 driver but it is named "Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID Driver". My laptop doesn't have the option in the BIOS to turn the SATA mode to RAID. I have only AHCI. I assume there should be a way for the SSD to be used as cache in this mode because why would they include it in the laptop if it can't be used. Wouldn't make any sense.

One more thing, I run Windows 10 64 bit currently. Any help will be much appreciated.