On windows 10 (10240 build with all updated), lately I have a problem with the "eject usb" icon in taskbar, when I have a External HDD or USB in my PC (any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port) and then I do click in "safely remove hardware" in the eject icon, I don't get notification or sound, directly the icon becomes unresponsive and the usb disappears from "my computer", as if I had removed the USB directly of USB port. If I have 2 USB differents connected, If I eject the first with the icon, then I can't click again in the icon for eject the second, the icon is there but unresponsive while still I have connected the second USB.

However from "my computer" in "right click in the USB drive and then clicking eject" works good with the notification and sound, and the USB drive remains transparent until I remove the USB from port. But from the icon doesn't work and I like more use the icon for quickness, and I've asked a friends who have also windows 10 and this problem doesn't occur to them, and I haven't this problem when install the windows 10 some days ago.

Anyone know any fix? maybe is a problem of any windows update, or register's entry?


PS: I have a asus maximus hero vi with the last MME and chipset drivers for windows10 installed.
PS2: I tried start the service bluetooth but it dont work.