Since installing Windows 10 I've been having difficulty with my Geforce GTX 660 and GT 610 cards working together; I have them hooked up to two separate monitors with the 660 being the primary (obviously). When my computer sorted itself out for the first time (after Win 10 upgrade) only the 660 worked and the 610 came up with the "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" error in device manager. I tried reinstalling the latest drivers for both the cards through GeForce Experience and the manual install process initially, then uninstalled the 610, did a restart. When it booted up the 610/ second monitor became the primary (at normal res) and the 660 was spitting out at something tiny. I've done this a few times, sometimes uninstalling both cards, but every time it does that then the 660 will seem to sort itself out after a couple minutes and cut the other monitor completely; back to square one.

This is starting to get quite annoying. Some help would be much appreciated, thank you :).